Gridap.jl tutorial

salle du conseil (Saclay)

salle du conseil


Saclay-Séminaires Henri Poincaré
Eric Miranda-Neiva (Collège de France), Francesc Verdugo (VU Amsterdam)

"Groupe Calcul" offers you a tutorial to learn how to  solve partial differential equations (PDEs) in Julia with the Gridap ecosystem of packages. It will be provided by two Gridap.jl developers Eric Neva and Francesc Verdugo. 


Gridap is an open source and general purpose Finite Element (FE) software written 100% in Julia. Gridap has a very expressive API, allowing one to solve complex PDEs with very few lines of code. The user can write the underlying weak form with a syntax almost 1:1 to the mathematical notation, and Gridap generates an efficient FE assembly loop automatically by leveraging the Julia JIT compiler. In this workshop, we invite you to discover the main (basic and advanced) features of Gridap, how to install and start using it and a couple of interactive hands-on tutorials.

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