Café Julia - Ferrite.jl - A Finite Element Toolbox in Julia

by Dr Knut Andreas Meyer (Institute of Applied Mechanics TU Braunschweig)

BBB (online)




Ferrite.jl is a finite element toolbox written in Julia. It aims to be general, performant, and keep mathematical abstractions. By design, the user writes their finite element code by using the toolbox for the heavy-lifting: degree of freedom distribution, constraint handling, sparse assembly, mapping of shape functions, etc. This presentation gives an overview of Ferrite's design combined with demos and example research. Next, the interactions between Ferrite and other Julia packages are discussed, before ending with an outlook of Ferrite's current development directions.

Organized by

Alessandra Iacobucci et Pierre Navaro

Ferrite.jl - A Finite Element Toolbox in Julia 31 mai 2024